What do we mean when we say media?


Media is literally the plural of medium. It is any channel that we can use to deliver your message to your audience – be that traditional media such as press, radio, out of home or television advertising or digital media such as job boards & aggregators, mobile marketing, social media etc.


How is media used in Employer Branding?


Media is a massive part of any Employer Branding project. As important as your Employer Brand is, it is equally as important to ensure that your target audience is exposed to it. The way we do this is by recommending a comprehensive media plan on the back of any Employer Branding Project, using a mix of above the line and below the line media to reach active and passive candidates to promote your new Employer Brand and position you as a fantastic place to work.


How do I decide which media to use?


Unlike most recruitment communications and marketing agencies, Jupiter has a specialist media department with decades of industry experience. Upon the receipt of a campaign brief, we would draw upon this experience as well as thoroughly researching into the best media to use for each and every campaign. We would then provide you with data and recommendations for each option to give you the best advice on where to advertise your vacancies or promote your Employer Brand.


How do you measure the impact of media?


Due to the increasing digitalisation of media, the tracking of media performance and ROI is a much easier process than it was a decade or so ago. The vast majority of media campaigns we run now are digital, so whether it be job boards, social media, mobile marketing, programmatic, or anything else, we can accurately report on the number of views/impressions and clicks each medium delivers. If we can embed tracking pixels into your ATS, we can even track through to completed application and even right through to hire – giving you full end-to-end tracking. Measuring the impact of offline media isn’t as easy, but is still possible using application methods such as bespoke urls, NFC chips, QR codes, text short codes etc.


Is media expensive?


I suppose in this sense, media is akin to food – there is something for every taste, and budget. We can run media campaigns from a few hundred pounds up to hundreds of thousands of pounds, depending on the roles you are recruiting for, the aims of your campaign and the media you would like to use. For example, we could run a campaign across the likes of Facebook and Google Ads that would deliver hundreds of clicks for only a few hundred pounds, whereas another campaign running across national radio stations, large format out of home, programmatic TV etc. would run closer to six figures. Rest assured though, we would always be sure to propose media that fits your budget.


How Does Different Media Attract Different Candidates? 


As you would imagine, different audiences consume different media. For example – the type of person listening to a drum & bass playlist on Spotify is likely very different than the type of person listening to an oldies AM radio station. Likewise, the audience reached by doing YouTube pre-roll video adverts probably wouldn’t be too similar to the kind of audience we’d reach by doing a local press advert. At Jupiter and Sparks, we are very data driven, and look at the audience we can reach by advertising in different media. This allow us to plan a campaign consisting of media routes that will actively reach your target audience.


As well as reaching different types of candidates, different media can be used to reach candidates at different stages of their job search. For example, display, audio and out of home advertising is a really good way to reach passive job seekers, raising awareness of your company as an employer of choice and plant the seed that you would be a good place to apply when looking for a job. Whereas more direct response media like job boards, Indeed, Google search etc. would reach active job seekers who are currently looking for a job and are ready to apply right now.


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