Employer Branding

What Is An Employer Brand?

Your employer brand is how you are perceived as an employer by those people who Pull signdon’t already work for you. It’s the external perception of your company culture and work environment. Essentially, It’s what those people who don’t work for you say about you.


How Do You Build An Employer Brand?

To build an Employer Brand you will need to first asses where you are as an organisation and create and Employer Brand action plan. This should begin with getting real feedback from you staff about your workplace culture and creating an accurate Employer Value Proposition (EVP). From here you will have an Employer Brand framework and the starting point from where you can build your external and internal recruitment communications.


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Why Is An Employer Brand Important?


Companies that invest time and attention to their Employer Brand all notice a mark-able improvement in their staff retention levels and employee engagement. A strong Employer Brand will ensure you attract and retain the right talent for your organisation and manage the internal company culture.


How Do You Measure The Effectiveness Of An Employer Brand?


You can measure the effectiveness of an Employer Brand by monitoring the engagement and retention levels of your staff. Companies that have nurtured their Employer Brand will all experience higher engagement levels and will see a noticeable increase in the average tenure of employees.


How Does An Employer Brand Help To Attract Candidates?


Having a strong employer brand will not only give potential candidates a positive impression of you as an employer it will create the foundations for any recruitment communications you will create. Companies who have a clearly defined EVP that is a true reflection of their company culture and a well-managed employer brand have the basis and starting point for all their future talent attraction campaigns.


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