Candidate Attraction

What is Candidate Attraction?


The process of recruiting new members of staff is referred to in recruitment marketing as Candidate Attraction. It means using job adverts that appeal to targeted jobseekers’ candidate profiles. But it’s not just about advertising to people looking for jobs. It’s also about delivering a consistent Employer Brand experience to passive candidates, too. And no matter what role you are advertising.


How do I attract passive candidates?story-magnet-attract-candidates


Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), Candidate Value Propositions (CVPs) and Employer Brand will all play a part in attracting passive candidates. But only if you have developed them! If not, we’re the people to talk to. By conducting research of your existing people to build the perfect candidate profiles, we are able to identify the very best Talent for your business, right down to the very smallest details of what they eat for breakfast and what TV show they watch before they go to bed at night. And then we can build messages that we know appeals to those candidates and serve them via job advertising across a wide range of highly targeted media.


How do I attract candidates for a specific job?


The position on offer will have its own set of selling points. So it’s about talking to the hiring manager and finding out as much you can about that specific job role. Sure, your candidate attraction campaign will focus on your company’s selling points and employer brand, as well as on your target audience or candidate profile. But it will also make sure that it works hard to sell the job on offer. So it’s about finding unique selling points (USPs) or propositions that offer the candidate something that your competitors can’t. Some jobs will be the same from one company to another, so it’s a case of working out what’s different or special about doing this specific job in your specific organisation. If you want to recruit a quality candidate, you have to put out a quality attraction message.


How do I go about attracting the best candidates?


The war for Talent is relentless. The more sophisticated the candidate attraction methods, the harder it is. Because businesses are learning that it’s not enough just to pay people well and give them great rewards and benefits. It’s also about making sure you offer a great workplace culture and offer something that your competitors can’t – something unique. The best candidates want the best jobs so, unless the role itself is particularly spectacular, you’ll need to make sure the environment is! You’ll need to shout about what makes you a great company if you want to be an employer of choice for the best people. And that’s all about developing your approach to culture management via what we call Culture Mirroring.


What are the different methods of attracting candidates?


Candidate attraction can be broken down into two sets of methods. The first is ‘messaging’, which is essentially what your job adverts say and how the say it. Great recruitment advertising is about shaping your copywriting, design and photography to deliver an attractive advertising message that appeals to your target audience (who you will have identified via internal research). The next is ‘media’, which essentially means how you reach those candidates. Now, when we say media, we certainly don’t just mean press and jobs websites, which are becoming ever less effective. What we’re talking about is every possible channel by which you can reach a candidate. From programmatic advertising on the web and even on TV to geo-targeted outdoor and social media campaigns and staff referral campaigns (refer-a-friend).


How do I make sure I’m attracting the right candidates?


Attracting the right candidates is, firstly, all about audience segmentation. And that requires great employee research. It means taking the best of your people, conducting focus groups with them, learning what makes them tick (culturally speaking) and then building accurate, effective candidate profiles that allow you to target your job adverts and recruitment campaigns more effectively.


Secondly, it’s about working out what you have on offer as an organisation that meets the needs of those candidates and shouting those out to the world. These are what’s known as Candidate Value Propositions and they will be the things that speak loudest and most clearly to your target audience and will ensure that candidates become applicants and applicants become employees.


Finally, if you’re wondering how to attract candidates to your company, it’s about ensuring that you have a strong Culture Mirroring practice at the heart of your employer communications strategy. This means listening to the needs and wants of your people and allowing your workforce to take a degree of control over the way culture is communicated from the bottom up through your business. It’s not just about advertising jobs. It’s about making sure that you have a culture that meets the needs of those who do apply. That’s how to attract the best candidates to your company.